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Are you enjoying by creating your mangas?

Oh! I am sure you are! Actually I am really happy to see how many news mangakas are on the Internet. You should be proud for your skills. Your worlds are fantastic! Thank you for letting us see some of that world inside of your being!

Direct to the how to publish your comic book. 

Did you know it's easyer to have a manga book published?

Later I will give you all informations about, how to publish your own Manga book. But first, let us see what publishing a manga book involves. Shall we?

What does it means: Publishing a manga book.

Some time ago it was nearlly impossible to have a written book published, because publishers wanted their money first. That money was used to create some previews stock of the book. The distribution of books into bookstores also has their price.


How can you find a good publisher?

There are so many publishers in the world! If you want to name one right know, just open one of your books, and there you will find a publisher's name. But do you have any chance to have your manga book published on that publisher? I am afraid not! Well at least if you don't have money and a some good studys.

You can find publishers in some advertisings all over the Internet by simply googleing for it. But you must be sure which one is the right one to publish your book, and which one is cheapest or even free!

Are you ready to publish your book?

Hello Mangakas! Are you readdy to publish your 1st manga book?  First of all let us see how much you earn per manga book. - Be patience I am waiting for some information from Publisher-


What would you do if you had your manga book printed? 

Imagine that you have your manga book ready for sale. What would you do?

There are so many mangas in the world! How will you call readers atention? Readers have the power to buy your mangas, but they can't take any action if they don't know your manga existence.

You will need to advertise your manga. And to do that you need to join websites and forums about manga and anime. You can also use "Google adwords".

There are manga events like otaku meetings. In this meetings you can see people from all parts of your country. And in that meeting place you can have a table (like many others) and  present your manga books. (in this meetings place you can see around 6000 people, so you can take with you 20 copies of your manga book).

Try to find where you can show some of your manga pages for free, like in magazines, and some kind of books specialised to show works from diferente mangakas in the same book. 

Manga magazines are excelent places to advertise your manga book. So contact the magazines' director and ask him/her to add your manga into his/her magazine. 

 But don't forget to add some of your contacts in all places you go. So that people can contact you. (e-mail, website, youtube, deviantart)

And give them the link to the website where people can buy your books.

Secret revealed! Publish your manga book right now!

 You can publish your manga story right now!

  1. You will need to have a manga story with 32 pages ( maximum number of pages alowed is 740).
  2. You will need to use a "Comic Book" Standard Paper (use Microsoft Word to past all your manga pages into the Standared paper).   Here you can download the Comic Book Standard Paper (6.625 x 10.25).
  3. You will need to convert your your pages into a .PDF file.
 Once you have your manga pages coverted into a .PDF you are ready to follow these steps:

  1.  Press the banner (But please read all steps first): 
  2.  Press "Publish";
  3.  Press "Start publishing your book >";
  4.  Press "Start Publishing";
  5.  Press "Make a Paperback Book";
    1.  Write the name of your manga in "Woeking Title";
    2.  Write your name or a deviantart name in "Autor";
    3. Select "Make it public and assign an ISBN to your title to sell your book in online bookstores like Amazon as well as the Lulu Marketplace.";
    1. Select "Save & Continue >>";
  6. In Size select "Comic Book";
    1. Select "Save & Continue >>";
  7. Select "Get a free ISBN from";
    1. Select "Save & Continue >>";
  8. Download your Your Barcode (ISBN);
    1. Select "Save & Continue >>";
  9. Upload your .PDF (Your manga pages must be in a .PDF format).
    1. Select "Make Print-Ready File >>";
Now you just need to choose how you want your book cover and set the amount you want to earn per manga book that is sold.
Your manga book is stored in that website. You can copy your URL/Link from your online bookstore  (inside that website) and share with your friends.
 You can give us your URL/Link from your online Bookstore, and we will post in in our page named "Purchase".
We will give you more ideas, and we will help you to advertise your Manga book.
You published your own manga book! Now you can show your manga to all your friends!
 Start right now!

Manga to be read from right to left

1- Just need to open your microsoft word, and be sure you are using the comic standart paper.

2- Hold your last manga page and move to your microsoft word and drop the page into there.

3- Repeat the step number 2 as many times as the number of your manga pages. The last page you should past into your microsoft word is the page number one.

We convert your manga pages into a .PDF file

We convert your manga pages into a .PDF file to be publish in LuLu. (Poket Manga 4.25" x 6.875")

For 6.50€ you will have your manga pages converted into a .PDF.

If you choose this product, I will convert your manga pages into (Poket Manga 4.25" x 6.875") and then you will be able to be submited it to

Press here to be redirected to the Featured Product.  ( )

Japanese people read your manga.


If your manga is in my website , then your manga will be viewed by Japanese people.

With luck a Japanese person from the mangas area will see your manga and contact your member profile.

So, if you have manga pages, you are welcome to become a mangaka in my website.

You can have more information in my website like ... how to publish your manga book for free.

 The advertisement I am runing in Japan is this one: 


Thank you for sharing your fantastics worlds!





















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